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Have you ever before took a look at all the size choices as well as asked yourself which one is ideal for you? While, it can appear overwhelming, there is a method to cushion sizing and also we are below to debunk pillow dimensions for you. Pillows differ in shapes and size to suit individual preferences in feel and look. Different cushion dimensions could use more comfort when you sleep by differing the volume of fill. They additionally vary to fit different sized beds as well as cushion instances. Choosing the appropriate cushion doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply keep a couple of things in mind and also you will be sure to select the ideal size whenever.
1. Know your bed pillow sizes to create one of the most comfy bed

Cushions come in a selection of sizes, primarily to match bed dimensions. The Super Criterion– most often called Standard/Queen or Jumbo– supplies retailers an option in between the small and also average dimension so they could carry more designs of pillows on their wall. Our Pillow Sizes Chart below shows the most typical sizes for each and every sort of pillow but remember that dimensions could vary significantly so be sure to look at the size if you need something particular.

Pillow Sizes Chart

Standard Pillow Size

Super Standard Pillow Size

Queen Pillow Size

King Pillow Size

Euro Pillow Size

Body Pillow Size

Most Common Pillow Size

20″ x 26″ 20″ x 28″ 20″ x 30″ 20″ x 36″ 26″ x 26″

24″ x 24″

22″ x 22″

20″ x 20″

18″ x 18″

16″ x 16″

54″ x 20″

48″ x 20


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A note regarding Gussets

The gusset is a strip of fabric sewn between the top and also bottom of the cushion, which allows the pillow to loft space a lot more and also to conform to a side sleeper’s shoulder better. Some suppliers consist of the gusset in their measurements and also others do not, making it a little bit confusing to determine the size of a gusseted pillow online. Too, some producers quote the elevation of the pillow as the elevation of the gusset as well as others are gauging the whole cushion height. You could need to request for more explanation when getting online if the cushion measurements are necessary to your purchase.
At Pacific Coastline, we price estimate the height of the pillow as dimension of the gusset. We additionally deduct the size of the gusset from the height and also width measurements. You will find a Queen sized Pacific Shore cushion with a 2″ gusset referred to as 18″ x 28″ x 2″. This cushion will certainly still fit perfectly in a 20 x 30 cushion situation.

2. Suit your cushions to your bed dimension, or obtain innovative

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It may seem easy to simply buy a king pillow for a king-size bed however actually, you can use any type of or all dimension cushions on an economy size bed. A good general rule is to match the cushion dimension to your bed dimension however from there, you could get imaginative. While there are fewer alternatives for a Queen or Complete sized bed, there are hundreds of pillow mixes so do not keep back if you find something else you like.

Right here are a couple of standards to obtain you began finding your own design.
3. Do you should worry about pillow case dimensions?
There are two sizes of bed cushion instances: Criterion and also King. Requirement size is created to fit three pillow dimensions: Criterion, Super Criterion as well as Queen. The good news is, sheet suppliers suit all the different maker’s variants when sizing their cases as well as will certainly err on the larger side so our worst instance circumstance is the pillow case will certainly have more space compared to much less.

Pillow Case Sizes Chart

Standard Pillow Case Size

King Pillow Case Size

Size Range

Length: 20-21″

Width: 30-32″

Length: 20-21″

Width: 36-41″


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Pro Tips:.
– Get a larger cushion case when you desire your pillow to be able to fluff as well as adapt, especially if you have a gusseted pillow, which is developed for loft space.
– Go smaller sized when you want your pillow to keep its volume and elevation or to include life to an older cushion.
– For extra elevation and also volume, utilize the hotel method of tucking completions of your pillow instance in snugly.

4. Think about correspondence for much better convenience.

Some sleepers– typically side as well as stomach sleepers– want to mold and mildew and crush their pillow up, even numerous times a night, to ensure that it keeps its loft and gentleness and also conforms about their head. These sleepers often find that an economy size pillow or perhaps a queen sized pillow has way too much quantity as well as favor a Standard or Super Basic size.

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Other sleepers like a pillow over their head to protect themselves from light and also noise. These sleepers require a light, adapting cushion and would probably pass by a king or queen size for this usage. A softer cushion, such as one with an all-down or down alternate fill (perhaps one that is obtaining retired), would certainly work well.

5. Various other size matters for the best cushion experience.

Super Criterion or Criterion Cushion Size: These dimensions are truly the very best for sleeping and also what we advise first. The downside to a lengthy cushion is that the fill can move throughout a lot more quickly and they are less ‘squishable’ having more volume as gone over above. Some sleepers prefer a much shorter cushion due to the fact that they such as the compactness. These dimensions likewise conserve cash so those that don’t really have a choice could choose the more economical alternative.

Queen Pillow Size: The Queen cushion is a great selection for someone who tosses and turns since it gives you lots of space on each side of your head. Too, a huge cushion could feel glamorous and add to a retreat-like feel in your room.

King Pillow Dimension: King cushions were developed for the additional size of a King or California King bed but they are excellent for a twin bed if your sleeper tosses as well as turns. They additionally make a good back support pillow for reading or working with a laptop in bed. A king pillow can additionally work as a much shorter body cushion.

Euro Cushion Size: With so many dimensions of Euro Square cushions to choose from, it’s very easy to get the right try to find your bed. They are mainly made use of for décor and also reading pillows (whether we read a publication or like to bring the laptop computer to bed). However, did you know the 26″ square is also made use of as a resting cushion in some European countries, such as Germany and also Holland? If you get bedding while traveling, you might be needing a new sized pillow.

Mixing Cushion Sizes: For a designer appearance, utilize a number of dimensions on your bed: a larger dimension for your analysis pillows (king, queen or euro) then layer the smaller dimension that you might choose to rest on ahead. This not only fills up all your pillow needs however allows some enjoyable shade as well as pattern mixes in your shams and cushion cases.

We wish you have actually discovered our Bed Cushion Sizes Guide valuable to make your bed your own little sanctuary. Click here for more details of decorative pillows.

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