Personal Condo vs EC– Just what Are Their Distinctions?

Image result for should i buy executive condo Both private condominiums as well as executive condos are getting much popularity now. Offering the very same deals of elegant and also city-fringe living, to the typical residence customer there seems to be not much of a difference between a private condominium vs EC. From eye-catching areas to lavishing amenities, just what makes these 2 housing devices various from each other? Or, exist any difference whatsoever? For many people, it’s hard to discriminate between personal apartment and EC. Majority will certainly also state that there’s little to no distinction at all. However past those competitive prices in addition to guarantee of contemporary city living, there’s a really thin line dividing exclusive apartments from executive condominiums. As well as for those that can afford both buildings, selecting in between an EC vs apartment is one challenging decision making. If you are caught up in that vital circumstance, learning just what makes these buildings various from each will certainly assist you create a much better decision. Read on listed below to discover their distinct functions.

Private Condo vs EC– Definition

Condominium– regularly reduced to condo, a condo is a kind of real estate tenure where defined components of an item of real estate are separately had. Aside from separately possessed house units, there are common centers shared by all system proprietors such as the corridor, lift, lobby and exterior areas like swimming pool, garden and health club. Executive Condo– typically referred to as EC, an executive condo is a type of real estate that is distinct just to Singapore. It is a public-private hybrid sort of housing first developed throughout the 90s. They have all the features and also features one would expect on a private apartment yet they are bounded with guidelines and regulations as mandated by the federal government.

EC vs Condominium– A Battle of Distinctions

Exec condominiums are made to suffice the need of lots of sandwich class citizens that can pay for greater than HDB flats yet inadequate to purchase a personal condo. Furthermore, ECs are funded by the federal government hence not everybody can simply walk in and also acquire executive condominiums. There are restrictions, policies and guidelines that should be followed. Private condominiums on the other hand has little to no limitations in all, it is the embodiment of contemporary living. The majority of the time, they lie on prime areas near institutions, service centers, shopping malls, parks, vacationer attractions as well as financial hubs. Compare to other types of personal properties, condominiums are extra budget-friendly making them preferred to sensible Singaporeans. Yet what if your funds permit you to choose between an EC and also personal condominium? Are you going to pick the subsidized housing and be useful? Or go straight to the economic sector? Baffled? Take a look at this exclusive apartment vs EC contrast.


EC– there are certain qualification conditions you should satisfy prior to you could buy an EC. You need to be a Singapore person, have a monthly income of not more than $14,000, do not possess any type of home within the last 30 months, and be able to create a family core under among the 4 readily available schemes. Have a look at this Frequently Asked Question on EC Eligibility for more comprehensive info. Exclusive condominium– there are NO eligibility conditions as well as anybody could apply.

Flooring Area

EC– executive condominiums are recognized for their larger floor location when as compared to exclusive condominiums. Private condominium– a 3BR exec condo includes a bigger floor location than a 3BR personal condo.


ECРequivalent to private condos with pool, parks, landscaped garden, tennis court, 24/7 safety and security, lobby, physical fitness gym, function spaces and also BBQ pits usually being offered. Private condominiumРalong with the above, the only difference might be the variety of parking space devoted for renters. Normally, personal apartments supply greater than one car parking port for each and every resident. You can also checkout executive condo Singapore.

Minimum Tenancy Duration (SPONGE).

EC– there is a 5-year Minimum Occupancy Duration before owners can rent or market their system. Personal apartment– there are NO Minimum Occupancy Period called for.

Limitations on Ownership.

EC– owners are just permitted to market their system to Singapore People as well as Singapore Permanent Locals after the 5-year MOP has actually been completed. Conversely, selling it to immigrants will just happen after the 10th year. Exclusive condominium– there are NO restrictions when it involves offering the unit in the open market.

Standing of Possession.

EC– will acquire the “privatized” status after 10 years. Exclusive condominium– privatized from the get go. Numerous Residential or commercial property Ownership. EC– eligible Singaporeans are just allowed to get subsidized real estate devices two times. Exclusive condo– purchasers are enabled to own multiple buildings.


EC– all executive condominiums drop under the 99-year leasehold. Personal condominium– most if not all them is available in an estate standing.

Housing Give.

EC– CPF could be made use of to fund the residential property with housing grants of approximately $30,000. Exclusive condo– there are NO real estate gives yet one can still utilize CPF to fund the residential property.


EC– they are typically valued 20-30% lower than exclusive apartments, relying on the location. Private condo– relying on the area, it can fetch anywhere from $800,000 approximately numerous millions.

Resources Gains.

EC– considering that they lie on prime key areas, ECs are understood for being an entertainer when it pertains to rental income. And also after the 10-year duration has lapsed, it determines a substantial funding admiration compared to personal apartments. Exclusive condo– although they are more pricey to start with, exclusive apartments do not have a worn out lease. Hence, the security of its market price makes it a terrific long-term financial investment.


EC– created and also marketed by private programmers. Personal condominium– developed and offered by exclusive developers.

EC vs Apartment– Decision Making.

Picking in between a personal condo vs EC is certainly hard, as well as it all boils down to your function of getting the residential or commercial property. If you simply want a roofing system to serve as a sanctuary to your family, after that Exec Condos are great. They are funded by the government and most of them lie on essential areas. The limitations and MOP wouldn’t do any kind of damage because ECs are originally made to be considered as a housing for sandwich course citizens and except financial investment purposes. On the other hand if you are leaning in the direction of a long-term investment and also you want to hold your home forever, Personal Condos are without a question best. Particularly if there’s a minimal price difference, which will certainly happen after the EC has been privatized, the 5-9% cost space is negligible. Furthermore, you can rapidly offer your home under the right market problems without stressing over limitations.

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